Dubai is a city that welcomes business travelers and is a popular tourist destination.
Fortunately, Dubai has cost-effective, efficient, and transparent tax rules that adhere to
international standards. To prevent any organizational disincentives, the requirement to
register for VAT in Dubai may vary depending on your company’s turnover. Dubai’s VAT
registration requirements are also straightforward, convenient, and transparent. When it
comes to e-VAT Registration in Dubai, businesses have a variety of alternatives, including
online form completion. You will obtain a VAT certificate when your business has
successfully registered, which will indicate the fulfilment of your obligation.

Documents required for VAT Registration in Dubai:
Legal and commercial documentation must be provided by the firm to the Federal Tax
Authority (FTA) as part of the procedures for VAT registration. When completing the online
VAT registration requirement form, these papers will be needed.
Few of the documents needed for VAT registration in the UAE are listed below:
 Trade license copy
 A copy of each company partners’ and owners’ passport
 Copy of the owners’ and partners’ Emirates ID
 Company’s Article, Memorandum of Association
 Company’s contacts details
 Bank account information
 The transactions over the last 12 months displayed in the income statement
 Type of company and kinds of operations
Why VAT registration?
Tax payments are viewed as expenditures by entrepreneurs. They have no idea that
registering their businesses for VAT can have advantages. In the beginning, it raises the
company’s profile. Of course, businesses can brag to the appropriate parties about their VAT
registration, which will increase their credibility and customer appeal. Customers are more
inclined to select a company with a valid VAT registration than the business without one.
Additionally, tax evasion may occasionally be a criminal offense, and if the firm is proven
guilty, it may face severe financial penalties. By using VAT Registration Services to register
your company, you may prevent these situations and assure your company’s success.
VAT Registration process online in UAE
VAT registration may be easily completed online by completing an online form that includes
all relevant information and supporting documents. You must fill out all the essential
information, including the applicant’s contact and bank account information, and attach any
applicable supporting documents. The filled form with attached documents is forwarded to
FTA for evaluation and inspection. You will receive a VAT certificate when the form is
accepted, proving that you are officially a taxpayer.
How to register?
Through the Federal Tax Authority’s online website, interested applicants can register for
VAT by submitting the necessary documents. By entering your email address, you may
request this and receive the login information for the portal, allowing you to access the form.
The great news is that everything related to VAT registration is done online.

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