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02 1 - Benefits of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services

Outsource is to send part of company’s function to outside providers to simplify or reduce costs. Bookkeeping is the activity of maintaining records of the financial transactions in a business. Maintaining accounts and keeping up to date and complete records of finances is considered to be a vital for businesses.

More Core Focus
Outsourcing your accounts function to accounting firms can reap several benefits to your company while you can focus on your core business function. You do not have to compromise on your actual business and you can do what you are best at, while outsourced accountants do what they are best at, providing quality and timely accounting services to your company.

Save Time 
Outsourcing your bookkeeping services will enable you to save sufficient amount of time. This time can be utilized in increasing productivity in your business. You save time from daily hassles of recording entries and preparing financial statements or forecast reports. The outsourcing company does everything for you, in a professional method. They are more aware of the VAT services and the best accounting practices, policies and accounting software suitable for your company. Moreover, you save the time of searching and hiring a suitable in-house accountant.

Optimize Business, Lower Costs 
It is often believed that outsourcing leads to added expenses for a company. However, people fail to note that outsourcing, in fact causes costs to reduce, as companies do not have to pay salaries to in-house accountants, no costs of hiring and searching, and consequently saving office space and related rent costs. Thus, allowing accounting firms to undertake your accounts can save you considerable amounts of money. Especially in Dubai, as staff salaries and office rents are substantially high.

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