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Bank Reconciliations, why are they necessary?

The process of comparing your bookkeeping records (on paper or in accounting software) with the statement provided by the bank for the same period. This allows you to can identify differences and discrepancies in your accounts. You run your business; we’ll do your bookkeeping! Let us take bookkeeping off your hands. We’ll give you a

5 Ways your Positive Online Presence Impacts your Businesses

We all use social media platforms on a continuous basis every day in our lives. On an average an individual spends around 2 hours online. This is a large amount, considering there are many other important activities in people’s lives. Here are 5 reasons your company’s social presence will reap benefits for your company. It

Accounting Guide for Startups

A few quick tips which will help you thrive in accounting your startup company. 1) Set up Banking  • Avoid using cash for general expenses, because you tend to forget where you spent your money. • Keep a distinct account from your personal account, so that you can keep track of your business revenues and


I’m pretty sure you all have come across this term several times in your lives, ‘budgeting’. Accountants know, that budgeting is a crucial element for any successful individual or a thriving business. For those who do not know the what it means, budgeting is simply a plan that shows your cash inflows and outflows. Moreover,

How to Increase Productivity Levels at your Workplace?

In this era of digitization and extreme usage of social media platforms, it is highly difficult to not get distracted by it. Continuous checking of; posts, notifications, messages from business colleagues, friends or family and latest, trending videos on YouTube can cause disturbances at office. Furthermore, this major obstacle can reduce your level of productivity,

UAE’s Economy to Improve by 4.2% in 2019

The GDP growth is likely to be 4.2 percent, as compared to 2.8 percent in 2018. This was reported in the IIF Mena Financial Summit held in the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi. This shows enhanced potential for UAE companies to experience growth and benefit greatly. This positive growth is expected due to the increase

VAT Refund for UAE Tourists

It has almost been a year since VAT came into effect in UAE. Even though the skepticism regarding its implementation persisted, retailers and customers eventually got accustomed to the new law, issued by the FTA Department. Commencing from November 18 this year, various tourists who spend more than 250 Dirhams are eligible to collect refund

Benefits of Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services

Outsource is to send part of company’s function to outside providers to simplify or reduce costs. Bookkeeping is the activity of maintaining records of the financial transactions in a business. Maintaining accounts and keeping up to date and complete records of finances is considered to be a vital for businesses. More Core Focus Outsourcing your