Accounting Firms in Dubai

Accounting firms in Dubai

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Quick Accounting Services is a Dubai-based independent accounting firm that offers Accounting & Bookkeeping, VAT services, Internal Audit services, management accounting and financial reporting services. We are one of the Top Accounting Firms in Dubai. We establish mutual partnering and create value for money by providing business solutions rather than selling services. QAS professionals offer expert advice and business support, allowing businesses to focus their time and resources on strategic projects.
Solid accounting and financial system are the foundation of any business. A sound accounting system ensures that an organization’s business transactions are accurately recorded so business owners can make informed decisions.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Overheads and operating costs are significant challenges for businesses. Accounting Firms in Dubai devised a win-win solution by offering monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping services in Dubai to keep books of accounts and provide business owners with timely and relevant information to make business decisions. Businesses can use such services to reduce overhead costs of hiring an internal full-time accountant, such as salaries, gratuities, medical insurance, and travel expenses. The most crucial aspect of such services is that they provide businesses access to professionally qualified accountants, which would otherwise be an expensive venture.

Accounting Backlog in Dubai

Typically, business owners focus on growing their company and organization, leaving a vital aspect uncovered, resulting in a backlog of accounting, and bookkeeping for years. Accounting firms in Dubai are experts in handling backlog accounting. They are skilled at working in parallel to record current transactions while clearing the backlog.

Quick Accounting Services and its expert team can assist businesses in selecting the best ERP/Accounting software based on their size, needs, and future goals. In addition, QAS is one of the Best Financial Advisor Firms in Dubai. So, get in touch with us now!